interact enlarge as big as possible, let the screen scroll stop and go, change direction

take another picture, but remember: its just a glimpse of the iedea of platform-leaving methods of communication for your own projections ideas films plots themes patterns ornaments and senceless meanings, using the datashower of allways starting narratives..

could be feeded by arcades of pictures and sounds to choose goose leverage beverage point coolnesses and obsessive beloved programming smartphone-therapie-games, during your journey, loosing desinction destination, finding you as your friend, even when syntax and botox generate funny noises... egal ergal orgal.. this is our game, if you want to play it, we created some data especially for you: have fun or so !!

oes ist moehr denn rorschach-memmories... oes ist doin personal secret dream-builder and -analysing assistent... und/and !!:

its projected, profiled, developed und plotted

in terms of integrated systemoptimisation

by institut fuer interdisziplinaere forschung / berlin


as far as we recherched, they are working on it worldwide, so we are part of the cloud or morphogenesis on the run...


the special charme of our aproach is the thread of marginal wilderness combined in multilingual freudian english and spreads of lacaneuse neurolinguistical fall-outs and -ins...if you know (uncertain)...

honestly: the knowledge of producing impressing images to process individual/personal configuratives using smartphones


take it as some ice-berg, split from the coolest KUPRAC-pole position.. numerousless in spite of agree in cooperative and respectful use globally...

..that meens, you are invited to participate, share, too....





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kuprac zeuch, und quqi is little derivateuse de kuprac will make you feel more comfortable in contextual diversity


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blind houses

plot your dream


create narratio

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contingency und time quelle choice

saemtliche auf der site befindlichen bilderdaterien sind eigentum von kuprac und copyfrei / copyfree